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Why Belly Button Rings?

Well, a long long time ago (and I still remember when...), I went with this girl who wanted to go get her belly button pierced. I tagged along and well, I guess you could say I sort of became fascinated with them.

Way before Britney Spears and her belly ring (don't get me wrong, I still find her sexy sometimes, ok, most of the time), I was always on the look out for a nice navel ring.

All through COLLEGE, I was on the look out for those slender tummies with a little decoration. I remember I say this really sweet one once with a nice little dolphin tattoo around it...almost love at first sight!

Now, these navel rings and piercings are main stream. I have even seen them at Wal-mart for sale!.....but I still like the idea of them being a bit naughty

ong story short....I love belly button rings ;)

Check out the nice little slide show of some pretty navel rings and belly button piercings below.  Enjoy!

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